death in Arcadia

"human nature has its dark and sinister side, independent of conscious motive, capable of interjecting itself when least expected, and carrying with it the possibility of profound human tragedy".


feliz cumpleaños

(yo ya pasé por esto)


the endgame (a un año de que ganaras/perdieras este juego)

The Endgame

Smut prepares for The EndgameThe Endgame

"The object of this game is to dare to fall with a noose around your neck from a place sufficiently off the ground such that a fall will hang you.

The object of the game is to punish those who have caused great unhappiness by their selfish actions. This is the best game of all because the winner is also the loser and the judge's decision is always final."

(Drowning by numbers, Peter Greenaway, 1988)


days go by

The one-armed Man comes into the flower shop and says: What flower expresses Days go by And they just keep going by endlessly Pulling you Into the future. Days go by Endlessly Endlessly pulling you Into the future. And the florist says: White Lily.

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- cansada, eso estoy. cansada
- ¿de qué? ¿de esta vida de pasarela?

- esta vida de pasarela de mierda

- ...

- ...

- bueno, y? no vas a decir nada?
- no me lo hagas más difícil, por favor.


anagnórisis para un cobarde

¿estarás dando por fin la cara?